An Introduction. Sort of.

Hi, this is Rajsi. I am 17 and I am profoundly bored. My severe reluctance to be academically productive and my regrettably short attention span are the reasons  I’m here writing this blog.I know board exams are frighteningly close but my restlessness needs an outlet and it sure as hell isn’t in my history books.

So first off, a very happy Republic Day fellow countrymen. Today was the day we were supposed to gain independence from the ruthless, oppressive rule of the British all those years ago. But well, we didn’t. Kind of like how I was supposed to complete at least 5 chapters of psychology today but, well, I didn’t. Now since there are no sentimental reasons for which I  could (or would) declare a national holiday in celebration of my inaccurate predictions, I choose to write random stuff and publish it on social media and rid myself of the frustration. So here goes nothing.

Life has been a whirlwind of farts lately. I recently had my Birthday and, of course, I got pointlessly excited. But for the very same reason I also inevitably ended up having a terrible day (despite the explosion of sudden popularity on my Facebook). The primary reason for this was the fact that I had my economics preboard on this auspicious occassion and although I’m a fairly good student, economics is always, always a struggle. It was even  more so this time since it isn’t exactly easy to memorize graphs about market equilibrium and marginal utilities when all you can really think about is rainbow birthday cakes and  sparkle candles.

Needless to say, it was a disaster.

But for what its worth, I did learn never to leave 40% of  the course unfinished before an examinations and aren’t life lessons the essence of growing up? So, for better or for worse, I turned 17 with the bleak realization that birthdays are, after all, just days. At least to the guy who asks depressing questions about capital levies.

Also, school is ending, and soon it will be time to move on, let go and take my first steps towards adulthood. As I said, life is a whirlwind of farts. The Peter Pan in me is losing his mind and I admit I haven’t really been  trying to restrain him. The very idea of doing my own laundry and washing the dishes makes me want to give up on life and sleep. I actually have this plan of only using paper plates when I’m older so that I don’t  ever have to scrape food off of dainty glass dishes.( all the crockery sets I get  on my wedding shall be politely returned.) 

I may not have the stereotypical dream of abandoning society and travelling the world instead of college, but I do want a comfortable bed for the rest of my existence with a stack of good books to read. Is that too much to ask? (I admit my lethargy tends to snub the adventure in me, but I am no less a “free” soul than your average self-proclaimed wanderlust, thank you very much). 

Growing up scares me and my cynical predispositions only make the lemons life throws at me a thousand times more sour. 

I think its about time I started believing in unicorns. 

Now before I develop another obsession, I think I should stop writing. This seems long enough for an introduction. Until next time, so long and thanks for all the fish.


8 thoughts on “An Introduction. Sort of.

  1. My best wishes Rajsi. Pl do keep writing on issues you feel like writing about. Writing blog or for that matter any story is the only area where you can pour in your emotions, thoughts. Who knows from few years from now Rajsi Arora can become a celebrated writer like Anita Desai, Arundhati Roy and so on…..

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  2. Rajsi you express well.I am a psychologist and the intellectual catharsis is so can see my blog too. All your life you will be glad you fell in psychology of all the places.

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  3. Nehaa says:

    Its a great start .I loved reading your blog Rajsi. Well done dear . All the best for your boards and future blogs.
    Would look forward and love to read your work. God bless you.
    Best of luck.

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  4. Travis says:

    Nice blog.
    But shouldn’t you be preparing for board exams? I know that it’s ironic that I’m saying that sentence, but hey you know.
    Yeah life’s not gonna be easy (never was? and will never be) but don’t you see? That’s the beauty of it! I understand that being a humanities student isn’t the coolest thing in the world (but don’t you think you shoukd be thankful, that at least you’re not studying math anymore?)
    Idk if I’m on topic or not (yes, I used idk instead of typing I don’t know…….cuz I like to live dangerously) I have a crazy amount of projects to make in roughly 20 hours from now.But here I am, writing this comment, having no clue about what midnight snack should I have tonight.
    Anyways, don’t wanna make it too long.Have a blessed night.

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    • rajsirajora says:

      thanks xD i have already given tons of exams which basically had the same questions a thousand times over. so im fairly prepared, i like to think. as far as the blog goes, its like venting 2 hours per week, which is better than losing my head every 30 minutes. and for the record i love being a humanities student! you have no idea how glad i am to be rid of mathematics. anyway have a great day yourself


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