This post is pointless. Don’t judge me.

Today was kind of unproductive. I think ill have to wait for the next outburst of panic to study. They are pretty much periodic nowadays (everything is, kill me now). But anyway, I did finish Indian history and felt the usual wave of intense patriotism – JAI HIND. I mean, we do have our fair share of problems but all our  leaders were true Gryffindors and our history is flat-out epic. Robert Downey jr is insanely hot, but no one beats Sardar Patel at being the Iron Man. Also, Jinnah is a whole new league of annoying. 

Now before I immerse myself in elaborate accounts of Adolf Hitler and his megalomaniac escapades, its only fair that I take an extended break and contemplate on taking a much-needed bath (And post something just for the sake of it too, because hey I blog now, I need to be more intellectual and opinionated about life.) But all I can really think about right now is dark chocolate Mcvities, which I have been craving savagely since morning.

What is it about impending exams that makes kids so hungry? I think giving a month’s break before boards is a sadistic means of breeding obesity. We shall emerge bigger people after this experience. Literally.

Everything is moving at such a sluggish pace that  today already feels like yesterday. This is a lot like limbo. I desperately need some motivation and I’m out of quotes about true men overcoming fear. I am also out of thoughts now. Signing off.

I swear I had a point to make when I started this.


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