Alarm clocks are an illusion

I just woke up. I wish I meant I had an epic life changing epiphany and now I know what I want do with myself, but no. Its 4:42 pm and I JUST woke up. What has my sleep cycle come to. The original plan was to sleep through the power cut, a strategy my sister and I came up with years ago so that we didn’t have to survive the sweltering heat or the lack of internet ( the dedication with which we refused to wake up was awe-inspiring).

But instead, I wasted the day almost entirely.

I hope “the day” doesn’t become a metaphor for my life.

How scary is that thought? What if I sleep through all of it and 20 years down the line, suddenly regret everything I didn’t do or couldn’t make of myself? What if the only thing I achieve is the role of being a perfectly insignificant by-stander in a movie about somebody else?

What I mean to say is, what if I miss the train?

And so right now, after all these depressing thoughts, I feel reckless and impulsive. Like I can do whatever I want and get away with it. Like it’s about time I took charge and did something about the hopeless monotony that plagues my existence.Basically, my YOLO instincts are going berserk. Well, let’s just say I preach Carpe Diem primarily because its a way more sophisticated way of saying “you only live once” (its Latin, you see, knowledge of the ancestors) and partly because Dead Poets Society is one hell of a movie.

I think all of us experience this sudden surge of optimism and power at some point in our lives. Times we believe  William Ernest Henley when he tries to tell us that we ARE the masters of our fate and the captains of our souls. Times when we feel we are  invincible and, at the risk of sounding narcissistic and gangsta, the baddest  thing ’round town. (seems weird how all these feelings coincide with the symptoms of a manic episode so I think you might not want to take it too far)

Its amazing what we can accomplish if we just convince ourselves that we are capable of it. To sum it up, I think Bob The Builder was right all along.

“Can we fix it? YES WE CAN.”

You know those are legendary words if the President of a free nation wins elections over  them.

SO. Get out of the house. Give your dog a walk for once. Stop procrastinating. Stop watching the TV show you recently got yourself obsessed with and repeat after me- There is no such thing as a 10 minute nap.

As for me, I shall finish reading the never ending geography chapter about industries I have been whining about for ages and be a little productive. 

Carpe Diem. seize the day. 


One thought on “Alarm clocks are an illusion

  1. neeta says:

    Well written, I loved the allusions and the innocence of it all. Awareness is worthy only if it leads to action 🙂 Fingers crossed, love 🙂


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