Coincidence? I think not. Maybe.

Strange, inexplicable things happen all the time.  Different people refer to a situation that they cannot quite explain in different ways.

The enthusiastic romantics call it fate (accompanied, of course, with a supernatural/ cosmic explanation to back up the claim) while your everyday realists reluctantly acknowledge the peculiarity of it and then, refusing to consider it any further, call it coincidence.

I am not sure how I think yet. An undeclared major in the School of thought, if you will. (geddit?)

However, this one thing happened recently which was absolutely crazy . And no, its not that I managed to get myself into a college, although that does seem miraculous at times.

Here’s the thing:

I have to live in a girl’s hostel for the next five years (yeah, wild). The room allotments at my college are through a chit system. 

The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy, which happens to be my favourite book, claims that the number 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.(The question itself is a mystery.) So you can imagine how symbolic it would be if I got room number 42. You know, my living there leading me metaphorically to “the answer” in some way.

But no, thats not what happened. My best friend did get 42 in the boy’s hostel though (yeah, we are going to college together) which is great. 

i got 32. I was vaguely bummed. It was a far shot anyway. Meh.
The next day, while I was going to this motivational talk at AMA by Ronnie Screwvala (split-second plans, I tell you) I got a call from the warden of the girl’s hostel. She said that the room allotted to me was right next to hers and it would be very convenient for everybody if a diabetic patient who happens to be my batch mate could live there instead of me. She said that there was just one other room left on the floor that she could put me in.

Yes. It was 42.

*Audience gasps* 

“WHAT! No way!”
I kid you not my friends. You decide what you want to make of it now.

For what its worth, the superstitious, irrational side of me is as satisfied as it can be. The Universe has a nice sense of humour, don’t you think? 


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