New year, same old me

It is that time of the year again.

What time, you ask? 

That warm, dazzling span of stolen time when our perpetually panicked and stubbornly busy  world puts all of its troubles and appointments aside, takes deep measured breaths -and then reluctantly, secretly, skeptically, innocently..hopes.

The romance that comes with the concept of beginnings and ends can drive men of weaker foundations to write poetry; but I stay strong in the face of such inspirational adversity and give in only to blogging.

So here goes nothing. 

I love the gutsy declarations that man becomes capable of on the 31st of December, every year. Something massive is inspired in our fragile little hearts by this hugely dramatized date and, overcome by emotion, we gingerly grasp at our worth, reassess our lives and give ultimatums to ourselves. At least we dare to make resolutions. Following through with them is a concern for another day (which may conveniently never arrive) but the vaguely formed belief in positive change that possesses the world at this time is beautiful enough to deserve credibility. I love what today stands for.

A celebration of faith.

A year, when reviewed in its entirety, always proves to be a disappointingly average one, if not a completely, unforgivingly disastrous one. The end of it seems to symbolize the end of all the problems one faced in it as well (along with the secret excitement for future adventures)

A fresh start is an unfairly seductive concept.

We desperate creatures in a permanent search for hope predictably give into the cheese of it all and thus fluttery minds and exhausted souls dream and think and wish and wonder.

Will 2016 be the year?

There is nothing that could adequately answer that question.  Things happen when they want to, almost always in a time of utter inconvenience ( I wouldn’t be surprised if the cosmos was found out to be nothing but a demanding, turbulent teenager depraved with hunger after a bad day at school).

 There is a lot that is wrong with this world that we selectively know of but the biggest problem is-Life is random. It is ridiculously overinterpreted and undefined. Nothing works and everything works. 

So crossing fingers and hearts doesn’t help. Pleading to the gods never makes things right.  Misery and self-pity just make complicate simple problems. 

Things, in general, don’t make any sense.  

In this world of frustrating existential vagueness, we can’t do anything but throw your fishing nets in the sea of opportunities and hope  for a good catch.That is all. It is as simple and as complicated as that.

When we talk about taking chances, the question automatically arises- How do we know what must be done to have life take a desirable turn?

Well, my horoscope says I must accustom myself to a life of optimism to achieve true success. (Capricorns are apparently very distressed creatures). My mom says all I need for self-actualization is intense focus and a disinclination towards philosophizing. My Massi says I need to be proud of myself to be accomplished. My dad says I need to study. And I say, with inspiring confidence and grandeur: I don’t know, I just need more novels.

So. When I think 2016, I see a technically adult me adamantly refusing to grow up. I see a younger sibling hilariously struggling with 10th-grade math. I see lots of science fiction and humor and adventure on my bookshelf. I see parents worrying about my purpose in life and it’s alignment with their ideas of it. I see friends drifting very close to me and frustratingly far, always full of promises and laughter. I see an explosive joy and pointless anger. I see new stationery and spilled coffee. I see yellow. I see dogs.

I see myself changing, and hopefully, becoming.

And when I squint my eyes and look farther into the future…I see myself be just alright (and fairly alive).

And that is all that really matters.

Anyway, I cannot promise that this year will give you everything you ask of it, but I encourage you to sit back, retrospect, introspect and just look ahead. Try to see. And above everything, try to resolve. After all, you can dream, right?

And if you can, you must.

So here is me, dear friend or complete stranger, putting absolute faith in your imagination and abilities.

Take it in whatever context, but you can do this.

And on that note, a very happy new year to everyone who took the time to read this blog. To those who didn’t, just a year to you.


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